Hello! My name is Tessa. I am a thought leader, teacher and the Founder of In Mind In Body Ltd. I help my clients to find and fulfill their potential; to lead happier, healthier, more active and successful lives.

After deeply listening to their story with compassion and respect, I teach clients how to get in touch with their own inner feelings, guiding them to eliminate obstacles and attachments which are blocking their progress. I guide them to ‘feel’ and dissolve their fears, allowing them to heal, to change how they experience life and to place the keys to their success firmly in their hands.

I specialise in helping clients remove the obstacles, which are preventing them from regularly exercising, providing the tools, guidelines and practical advice on how to really ‘get moving’.



This story may have been passed down to you by generations! You could subconsciously be holding onto childhood resentments or limiting experiences, which are unwittingly holding you back. When you understand the story, the beliefs and context around them, you can begin to change your perception, to change your biology and to change your life.

Metaphors embedded within meditations are a very simple and easy way to change or bypass limiting core beliefs and emotions. Where appropriate, I intentionally intuit personalised meditations for clients to help them see and feel a way forward. Regular listening helps to upload the programs for your success.

I have a wealth of relevant experience in my own life.

Completing my Master’s degree in Physical Education at Washington State University, USA I returned to the UK and worked setting up and running health clubs. After the birth of my three sons, I became a successful Personal Fitness Trainer in the Home Counties. However, in 2010 I was stopped in my tracks by cancer. Bed-bound, I asked myself why I thought I had cancer? Stress was a major factor, and the only way I could become stressed was through my thoughts, my attitude, beliefs and perceptions.

This led me to extensively research the power of the mind-body. The astonishing information I collated and wished to share, led me to found the evolutionary company In Mind In Body, pioneering ‘active imagery’ a unique audio fitness programme, exercising the body through the mind. Please visit www.inmindinbody.com for further information.

During this time, I worked tirelessly on myself, gaining strength, understanding and knowledge, to be able to follow my heart, trust and allow my life to unfold. Whilst I was aware of my natural ability to be able to read and empathise with people, it was only during my own healing journey that I discovered the full extent of my intuitive capabilities. I often draw upon this gift when working with clients, to restore their confidence and self-belief, in their own ability to succeed. To understand, love and appreciate themselves for who they truly are and empower them to enjoy and live life.

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