Although I’m a business trainer and teach people how to be positive and get things done, I struggle with that myself. And although I know many tactics and strategies for overcoming this, it’s still a considerable personal challenge. So I wasn’t expecting too much to come out of a first session with Tess. But I was wrong. She listened intently to my story. She seemed to have no judgement which encouraged me to be more open than I otherwise would have been. Her sensitive questions helped me to begin to view my present circumstances, from a new perspective. I left the session somewhat encouraged.

Later that day I received a personal meditation which she had created for me. That was several weeks ago and since then I’ve had 3 more sessions and received 3 more meditations from her.

The effect of these on me has been interesting and subtle. Generally, I listen to the latest one first thing in the morning and maybe once again during the day. It calms me and I feel encouraged. Throughout the day my mind will occasionally revert to the ideas in the meditation.

The overall result is that my mind is shifting to be more positive. Because of that I’m doing more, and doing differently. I feel that I have more purpose and more direction. I do believe that I was ready to change and I also believe that Tess has been an important catalyst in helping me to do just that.

If you feel that you’re ready to make a change but are having difficulty doing that, talk to Tess, she has a great gift to share with you. Her support and guidance has been invaluable to me, keeping me going and helping me to sort out the stuff that I’ve surrounded myself with over the years.

Walter Blackburn – Founder – Presenting Success



It’s my belief that Tessa has extraordinary gifts. First, to listen, (deep listening) and to see, and to feel the energy of the whole person she’s working with. Shadow and all. Using full intuition.


From day one Tessa created a relaxed safe space in which I felt able to talk freely. She listened long and carefully, offering no judgement or criticism. Using her powers of creativity and full-bodied whole-hearted imagination – to intuit something that fits the person. Like a glove. To create a short-spoken meditation that guides the person to unlock their potential, so carefully crafted, it will magically excite the person on multiple levels.


During the whole process, I have been able to unearth deep rooted emotions which have affected my behaviour patterns over years, which I am now able to address, rebalance and be at peace with. I listen regularly to my personalised meditations. They give me an immense amount of encouragement, guidance and support to see the way forward. Tessa’s knowledge, understanding and intuition has inspired me on many levels to address my outlook on life and my ability to succeed.


Dave Hampton – The Carbon Coach



Tessa’s task with me was never going to be an easy one! Having been through many rounds of counselling over 20 years or so, a broad library of self-help material and a few attempts at couples counselling, I needed someone who was willing to be strong with me and keep me to task to remain true to myself, as I wade through the separation of my marriage, redefining child care roles, returning to full time work in a new field and beginning a new relationship.

Tessa’s approach has given me a totally different perspective and a tangible process to work with. I have the tools and feel empowered to choose the path I want.  I’m learning to identify what the story is that I’ve been telling myself and what I get from that if I continue! I’m learning to find the feelings that are buried deep after a lifetime of repeated negative reinforcement from myself and resolve them. I’m learning to catch myself at that sticky moment, stop and ask myself what I’m feeling and press pause while I sit and feel it and dissolve it.
I have had 4-5 sessions with Tess and so have a number of her intuited personalised meditations to work with – I am still picking up new things which resonate in each of them. Through listening to them, I have shifted into a calmer, more settled core feeling each day and feel better able to manage the bumps when they come along. I am definitely better equipped to negotiate the sticky moments and feelings when they surface.

The ‘feel it’ process gives me a sense of control over my reactions which I’ve been looking for in my life for a long time. I’m getting much better at finding the positives in myself too, recognising the progress I am making and the steps I am taking to create the life I want.

This feels like the real deal – getting into the core of who I am and finding compassion and understanding for myself.

Exciting times ahead, thanks Tess.


Charlotte Fyffe



Having suffered a number of years of anxiety due to a relationship breakdown which involved both physical and emotional abuse, I decided I needed to address the way I was coping.  I had tried some conventional counselling for a number of months which provided some short term support but didn’t provide me with the longer term needs of dealing with some very deep rooted anxiety.  I discussed my situation with Tess and she explained the ‘feel it’ process to me.  We both agreed that my situation was worth exploring using this method.

Tess is incredibly intuitive and put me at ease immediately.  I felt able to talk freely and was supported throughout the process in a safe and secure environment.  I began to understand my thought processes during the sessions, as well as how those thoughts made me physically feel.  I could feel different parts of my body experience the stress as I visualised.  Instead of avoiding how that made me feel, I embraced it and this took my thought process in a different direction to help me resolve the causes and results of stress.

I began to feel more empowered as I started to understand more about myself during the process. Tess also provided me with an audio meditation that she created that I can use should I feel the need.  This has been a great help.

The process Tess used is simple, intuitive and effective.  She is absolutely fabulous with being in tune with how you are feeling and enabling you to understand yourself. It isn’t necessarily a quick fix but taking time in a busy week to revisit my thought processes is as an important ongoing method of self-care.   After 18 months of psychotherapy counselling vs. 5 sessions with Tess, I have changed far quicker using her technique. I highly recommend the process to anyone who may find themselves in a similar position.





I contacted Tessa because I have recently been through a serious, life changing illness which I was struggling to come to terms with and to find a way to move forward.

I have learned so much about myself, through my sessions with Tessa. Understanding my emotions and how to deal with them, has been transformational. I have experienced a strong shift in my conscious way of ‘being’.

In the past, I would have berated myself for my actions and attitudes, only to spiral deeper into depression. On some days, I wouldn’t even want to step out of bed. Now with greater understanding and knowledge, I can let go of my old behavioural patterns and seek ways to lift myself up, when I face challenges.  I often take the learnings, from each of my meditations and mull them into one, which changes my attitude very quickly and my outlook on the future. Very simple and unbelievably powerful.

As they say, ‘change your mind, change your body, change your life.’ Thank you for showing me how.

Patricia Harrison



I have been struggling with anxiety and stress, and had been wanting to do something to try and take control of my health and wellbeing more. I saw a Group Meditation advertised by Tess on Facebook. I was a bit nervous about going as I am not good at sharing personal issues. Thankfully I didn’t need to and I got to meet some lovely people, including Tess.

I wasn’t sure what to expect however I have done some mindfulness in the past and to me, this is like an in-depth version of that. In the first session alone I felt some of the tension I was carrying, melt away. I decided to do a few 1-2-1 sessions as well. Again I was nervous and not sure what to expect. The sessions brought up things from my past that I had no idea were still affecting me. Tess gave me personal meditations and the tools to do more about my situation.

I am grateful to Tess for her patience and sympathetic handling of the things that I shared with her. It was a relatively short period that I was able to use Tess’s services and I found both the Group and 1-2-1 sessions very beneficial. All I need to do now, is put the tools that I learnt in those sessions into regular practice and prioritise myself. A new year, a new focus on me!

Lucy, Bucks.



I discovered Tess and her work by attending one of her workshops. I was so impressed by her approach that I undertook a course of 1-2-1 sessions with her.

Although I had a specific aspect of health that I wanted to explore, I found that there were many other benefits. The work was powerful and incredibly helpful.

I found Tess to be knowledgeable, professional and sensitive. She is a true healer and I would highly recommend her for those looking to explore their self development.

JR – Oxfordshire