Working Together

It’s really important that you feel relaxed, at ease and secure in my company, so a 1-2 hour taster session is always a good starter. During this time, you’ll get a sense of whether this pathway feels right for you. There is no obligation thereafter.

I work with absolute confidentiality and discretion.

How does it work?

After the taster session, I recommend clients sign up for a minimum of 5 further sessions. This will give us a chance to make some significant changes, to teach you the feel it process and help you to take ownership of your thoughts, life experiences and to set your goals.

The feel it also known as letting go process is a very simple, yet powerful tool that you can use to work on yourself to clear emotional issues and negative feelings which surface. It is a form of meditation which is scientifically backed. Whilst you’re clearing these blocks, I will intuitively guide you, to feel into the blocks, often creating a personalised meditation to help you do this.

Each session lasts between 1-2 hours. These sessions will be spread out weekly. Outside the sessions, I am there to support you via phone or email.

Once you have defined what you would like to achieve from the sessions, we’ll work together to unravel patterns of behaviour and perceptions, which may be holding you back. We’ll discuss and work through these, clearing the emotional issues and negative blocks, to allow you to take those all important steps forward, to ultimately achieve your goals.

The process

This can be broken down into 5 stages. They are;

1. Define where you are and what you want

2. Listen to and follow your heart

3. Clear the blockages using the “feel it” process

4. Revisit your personalised meditations, created during the session

5. Take action and move forward (repeat stages 2-5)

I will encourage you to listen to/revisit the personalised meditation(s) daily, as well as assigning you homework, to be completed between the sessions. This will give you the encouragement, clarity and self-belief to see and feel a way forward. As you uninstall your ‘limiting’ programming, you begin to restructure the function and architecture of your brain, to enable you to lead a happier, healthier and more successful life.

By the end of the sessions, you will have learned how to use a very simple, effective and powerful tool, which you can use in any area of your life, to help you transition forward and make heartfelt choices, which are right for you.